Making a Good Impression On a First Date

The first date is an important one, and sets the tone for the next date. Hopefully, if all goes well there will be a second date.  These first dates can be rather daunting, with awkward silences and those difficult few days waiting for a text or phone call.

Just asking a woman out is a big deal, and if you have done so, well done to you. Now, the next step is how to impress your date and the difficulty is that different women want different experiences from their first date.  Where do you take them is a big question, but often it is not the place, but the impression that you give, that will determine if date number two is on the cards for you. Continue reading

Date Like a Gentlemen

We live in a world where chivalry and the concept of courting are becoming as rare as snowbirds in hell. Invitations to meet take the form of late-night texts saying U up? and men bitch about paying for dinner if women want to be treated with equality and kindness.

It’s obvious we need to bring dignity back to dating. Implementing a little old-school etiquette is going to go a long way towards you getting a second date! Continue reading

The Gentlemens Guide To Drinks

There are few other male figures in the media industry quite as popular as James Bond. The international spy is known for his intelligence, his fighting skills, his charm, but most importantly: his style.

Whether it’s to the suits her wears to the cars he drives, 007 is a smooth, well-groomed and likeable character that has been the inspiration for men since the 1960’s. Continue reading

Earn Your Way Into a Power Couple

Women the world over are bemoaning how men start backing away as soon as they realise that they’re dating someone strong and independent. These women are caring, genuine, and loving who are committed to living their own lives, but want a partner beside them as they try to achieve what they’ve set out to.

They understand that personal power is not so much about not needing anybody else, but more about having standards and not allowing anyone into their lives who doesn’t meet these. Continue reading