Earn Your Way Into a Power Couple

Women the world over are bemoaning how men start backing away as soon as they realise that they’re dating someone strong and independent. These women are caring, genuine, and loving who are committed to living their own lives, but want a partner beside them as they try to achieve what they’ve set out to.

They understand that personal power is not so much about not needing anybody else, but more about having standards and not allowing anyone into their lives who doesn’t meet these.

They want to support you as much you support them, but it takes the right kind of man to become one half of a power couple.

Set Your Own Goals

If a relationship has only one person in it who has plans for a brighter future it’s not going to work. Being with someone far less motivated than you are will inevitably cause tension, so why would it be any different for whomever you’re with if the roles were reversed?

Your partner won’t understand why you’re up at 5 am each morning to hit the gym before work if you’re the more driven individual, and you will be unhappy with her putting in extra hours on a Friday night if she is.

A man who’s comfortable with an ambitious, driven woman will need to be on a similar path himself in order to understand and appreciate what she’s doing. As enjoyable as Australian sports betting may be, it needs to be an enjoyable pastime rather than the way you’re planning your financial future!

Be Secure in Yourself

If you constantly need validation and assurance from the woman you’re dating, you will run into trouble when you finally woo the powerful woman you’ve had your eye on.

She’s going to be self-reliant and assertive and will only tolerate someone alongside her who has these qualities too. It’s not that she’s not going to give you love and affection. She simply won’t constantly be letting you know how much she needs you. Because she doesn’t!

She wants you there because you add something to her life, but she’s quite capable of looking after herself.

Don’t overlook reasonable requirements for care and tenderness, but don’t expect to be needed in a power couple. You’re only there because you’ve earned it.

Respect Her Privacy

Women who are committed to their own missions and personal journey are not going to take time out of their busy days to find validation outside of themselves. That’s part of the reason you’re attracted to her, isn’t it? Because she lives in the moment and is far too busy doing what needs to be done to care what the people around her think about it.

If you want to be with this kind of woman you’re going to have to draw a line between what is kept between the two of you and what is exposed to others. In a generation so obsessed with social media platforms we’ve got to be more careful about what we’re posting, and if you want your new power couple status to continue you’re going to have to respect it enough to not broadcast the minutiae of your day-to-day lives together.

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