8 Popular Haircuts For Men

The style of men’s hair has changed dramatically over the years, and today men have a greater selection of cuts and styles than ever before. Most commonly, men prefer to have short, neat hair that’s easy to wash and manage while still allowing for plenty of practicality.

Most barber shops and hair saloons will have a range of different cuts available, and while the choice to have a custom cut is still possible, it’s best to stick with a style that the hair dresser or barber knows well, meaning that there will be less chance of any mistakes happening. For those looking for a new hairstyle, these are some of the most common.

1. Blowout

This is a type of cut that’s meant to make the hair look a bit wild, and appear blown by the wind. It consists of a full-volume top, which is often styled quite tall, and then short or faded on the sides.

2. Bowl Cut

Extremely popular during the 90’s, the bowl cut features a cut fringe with the sides and back of the same length. Although the original bowl cut has since gone out of style, a modern variation exists that sees the hair slightly messier.

3. Caesar Cut

The hairstyle is made up of short, horizontal straight cut bangs, which is named after the famous Roman leader Julius Caesar. The hair tends to be short on the top, sides, and back, and is fairly common with men that have naturally curly hair.

4. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is aimed at those that want extremely short hair, and the barber will often cut the hair as close to the scalp as possible while still maintaining a certain length of coverage.

They are an easy style to wear and maintain, and require no styling whatsoever, and are often favoured by sports players and jockeys, something seen at times in online betting NZ sports teams. A quick trim every so often keeps a buzz cut looking neat and tidy.

4. Crew Cut

This is a type of haircut where the upright hair on the top is cut short, and the dies are tapered much shorter to create a very neat-looking appearance.

This is the chosen cut for many actors attending a formal affair, and is common among professionals.

6. Comb Over

The comb over is a class hairstyle made up of a long section of hair that is parted over to one side and then combed toward the other.

It’s more popular with men that have thin or fine hair, and is more common in colder countries.

7. Dreadlocks

While not offered everywhere, dreadlocks are still a popular choice for those wanting long hair without the constant management. It’s most associated with the Rastafarian movement, and sees long strands of matted or braided hair.

8. Fade and Taper

Fader and taper haircuts consist of longer lengths of hair on the top of the head that short down the sides and back, and it’s a style that can be used to reveal the ears or to taper a length of hair.

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