7 Tips for Keeping Your Beard in Top Shape

Owing to the incredible popularity of beards in the current times, beard grooming and care is easier than ever before thanks to the ready availability of all the products, tools, and tips you could ever need!

Whether your beard is just getting started or you already have a fair amount of length, taking care of your beard is imperative to ensure that you look well-groomed at all times.

1. Patience is a (Beard) Virtue

If you want to grow an epic beard, you’ll need to practise plenty of self-control in the beginning.

You should resist every urge to trim or style it for the first 4-6 weeks and leave it completely untouched. This will help your facial hair grow in evenly and will help you choose a style later.

2. Choosing the Beard Shape for Your Face

Just like your haircut should suit the shape of your face, so should your facial hair. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together this handy guide:

  • Square face: beard should be fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides
  • Round face: beard should be longer on the bottom and shorter on the sides
  • Oblong face: beard should be fuller on the sides and shorter at the bottom
  • Oval face: most styles will work well

3. Know When to Trim

You need to trim your beard from time to time even if you intend on growing it and you can either invest in a good quality trimmer or visit a barber and play some real money online pokies while he/she does all the work.

However, when and how you trim your beard is dependent on whether you’re growing it or keeping it short.

4. Wash Your Beard Regularly

An especially important part of the early stages of growth is washing your facial hair regularly.

Your skin is likely going to be itchy in the beginning and trapped food and skin cells will only make the problem worse. Instead, invest in good quality beard soap and wash it several times a week.

5. Treat Your Beard

Once washed, gently pat your beard dry as rubbing it with a towel can lead to frizz and damage.

Then, in order to tame your beard and keep it soft and shiny, treat your beard with a delicious smelling beard oil.

6. Wrangle Your Beard

While washing and treating your beard are all essential steps to lustrous facial hair, you will also need to tame your mane daily. While trimming will help your beard keep its shape, it also necessary to use a beard brush or comb to train the hairs to grow in a downward direction and wrangle any flyways.

If your beard is quite long, you can even use a soft-hold spray to assist in sculpting your look.

7. I Moustache You a Question

Are you committed to moustache care too? Beards go hand-in-hand with moustaches and they need to be treated with just as much respect!

To keep your moustache looking neat, be sure to trim the area below your nose with a pair of grooming scissors and keep it sculpted with a medium-hold wax.

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