The Gentlemens Guide To Drinks

There are few other male figures in the media industry quite as popular as James Bond. The international spy is known for his intelligence, his fighting skills, his charm, but most importantly: his style.

Whether it’s to the suits her wears to the cars he drives, 007 is a smooth, well-groomed and likeable character that has been the inspiration for men since the 1960’s.

Perhaps one of most famous signatures is the drinks that he enjoys while out. The well-known line, “shaken, not stirred” is the phrase he delivers when ordering a drink. It’s so integral to the character that it’s become a staple and extension of his personality, and many have continued his legacy.

But it’s not the only drink that a gentleman can enjoy, and there are, in fact, a range of drinks that gentlemen have traditionally ordered over the years.

Irish Whiskey

An Irish Whiskey is any whiskey that has been aged in Ireland. There’s a large range with a lot of diversity, and gentlemen can expect anything from earthy, citrusy, spicy, or even sweet.


The quintessential drink for men of all age, whiskey is an ancient drink that has been produced in Scotland for hundreds of years. Like Irish Whiskey, scotch is incredibly diverse, and offers drinks that are smooth to sweet, to event a bit smoky.

Old scotches are generally not mixed – most will have them on ice – but they still have the capacity to be made into a good cocktail. It’s a great drink to sit back with and sip, whether it’s while reading a book, enjoying a film, or playing the best online pokies.


Although it undergoes similar processes of refinement and distillation as scotch or whiskey, Bourbon tends to be a lot sweeter than either.

Almost all bourbon in the world is made in the state of Kentucky.

Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee whiskey is most often associated with Tennessee’s Jack Daniel’s, which is mellowed through sugar, maple, and charcoal before it’s left to age, which many believe makes it slightly sweeter than bourbon, bit with a smoky aftertaste.

Jack Daniel’s also comes in a number of variations, and can be enjoyed straight on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail.


Rye is a different animal altogether, and a whiskey will only be considered a rye if it contains at least 51% rye in the grain bill, which is different to Canadian rye, for example, which only needs to have any rye in the drink in order to gain the title.

Ryes are known for being spicy and sometimes they have a distinct “bready” taste to them. Although they died out in popularity, they are making a comeback among modern gentlemen.

Canadian Whiskey

Although not quite as well known as Scottish whiskey, Canadian whiskey is just as diverse, and can be used for about any cocktail mix imaginable.

It consists of a lighter and mellower flavour all around than its Scottish counterpart, and tends to be enjoyed by those that are looking for something a little different to the traditional whiskeys found on the shelf.

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