How To Avoid Becoming A Subtle Misogynist

For the past 100 years or so, millions of people from across the world have been fighting to make our society a better place. This includes better labour laws, access to education, infrastructure, quality food, and equal rights for everyone. Women and people of colour have long been battling to give themselves and their peers the same rights that mostly white men have enjoyed, and it’s been a long, uphill battle that has had plenty of setbacks.

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The Male Skincare Routine You Should Start Following

While skincare is usually seen as a female-only area in some countries, in others it’s seen as something everyone should do daily. In places like Korea, you’ll often find that men know it pays to put in just as much time and effort into their skincare. After all, your face is your business card, and you don’t want to miss out on making a good impression. If you have flaky skin or dry patches, then now is the time to get serious and say goodbye to them for good.

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Master Basic Dining Etiquette

Table manners play a vital role in ensuring that you make a positive impression to people you are dining with. It is not a good look bearing witness to someone who lacks basic dining etiquette, especially in the company of prospective business associates or employers.

Table manners are visible signals that spotlight our manners and therefore are essential in contributing to professional success. Our manners can speak volumes regarding our professionalism. Learn how to master basic dining etiquette with these simple tips.

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How To Keep Hair Healthy

Healthy hair

Over the years, there have been certain conventions that have become associated with the two most common genders, males and females.

When it comes to hair, women are generally taught from a young age how to look after their hair, including how to properly clean it, how to keep it shiny and neat, and more. Men, on the other hand, tend to only shampoo and condition their hair and not much more, and every now and again they will go get a haircut.

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