6 Tips for Dining like a Gentleman

Going out to eat at a restaurant is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and has been for the last two hundred years. Restaurants of every size and calibre exist all over the globe, ranging from fast food joints to 3 star French restaurants.

The right restaurant can make all the difference if you’re looking to take a date out somewhere fancy, or you just want to celebrate an event, birthday, or anniversary. But if you’re looking to truly impress, nothing shows more class than proper eating etiquette.

Fortunately, learning the right etiquette, along with proper manners, is easy, simple, and can make a world of difference to those that you’re with.

1. Dress Properly

This depends greatly on the type of setting and the event that you’re attending, but dressing appropriately is extremely important, and it can mean a lot to those you’re going with if you make the extra effort to look neat and tidy.

While it’s no longer a necessity to wear a suit to every formal dinner, fine-dining still means having a blazer or sports coat on. It’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

2. Manners And Courtesy

Practising good manners in every situation is extremely important, but perhaps even more so while in a restaurant. Being polite and courteous to those dining with you, as well as the staff serving you, can make the experience that much more pleasant for all involved.

It’s also important to eat slowly and tidily, and to avoid making a mess as much as possible.

3. Avoid Technology

It’s fairly common for the smartphone to come out while at the restaurant as people check the news, update their status, or do some online betting, but it can seriously detract from the overall mood and conversation when one person is constantly distracted by a screen.

Rather put the technology away and reserve it only for emergencies and for the odd picture, but always keep the flash off as it can be extremely distracting for other guests.

4. Personal Items

Another common habit that many practise today is putting their personal items on the table, such as their sunglasses, phones, wallets, and more.

This is considered fairly rude in the fine-dining world, and it’s best to rather keep all personal items off of the table.

Not only is it a good habit to form, but it also allows for more space on the table so that items don’t need to be moved around when the waiter delivers drinks and food.

5. Taste The Wine

High-class restaurants will often allow their guests to taste the wine before ordering a glass, which will be offered by the sommelier.

It’s always a good idea to taste the wine beforehand, making sure that it’s still good to drink.

6. Always Pay The Bill

Going to a restaurant means having to pay for both the food and the service, and there are few things worse than someone trying to avoid paying the bill.

Always settle, and while not absolutely necessary, leaving a tip for the waiter is always recommended.

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