The Male Skincare Routine You Should Start Following

While skincare is usually seen as a female-only area in some countries, in others it’s seen as something everyone should do daily. In places like Korea, you’ll often find that men know it pays to put in just as much time and effort into their skincare. After all, your face is your business card, and you don’t want to miss out on making a good impression. If you have flaky skin or dry patches, then now is the time to get serious and say goodbye to them for good.

Why Choose Korean Skincare?

Korea is famed around the world right now for having brought many things to the beauty table, such as the 10-step facial routine, and using unusual ingredients in products like snail mucin (yes, snail slime) and green tea. In Korea, they believe that nourishing, hydrating, soothing and protecting your skin is a worthwhile investment, and we couldn’t agree more.

A Simple Routine

While a wash and go approach may be your usual go-to routine, a few short tweaks will have your skin performing at its best level yet and looking less dry and dehydrated, and more moisturised and brighter.

  • Cleanse

Soap and water may be your go-to but using an industry-proven cleanser may be the answer you need to address your skincare woes. Washing away the grime of the day will get rid of any irritants, and you’ll find cleansers which gently exfoliate, as well as ones which offer brightening and tightening properties. Choose one to help address the specific skin needs you have right now.

  • Tone

Using a toner will help your essence and moisturiser sink in better and can help improve your overall skincare texture. If the toner you choose burns at all, it likely is due to harsh chemicals, or your skin is very sensitive. When you look for a new one keep an eye out for soothing ingredients like witch hazel or green tea.

  • Essence

Not a necessity by any means, but a good addition regardless. Essence is a nice way to give your skin an added boost of hydration – and address any skincare concerns you have. Dehydrated skin would benefit greatly from snail slime, and the cult-standard budget favourite is definitely Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence which has rave reviews from around the world. If budget is no question, then SK-II’s facial treatment essence is the gold standard.

  • Moisturise

Sealing in all the goodness is the moisturiser. While you can use things like Aquaphor to do the job, you can also tailor this step of your routine as well. Nivea, La Roche-Posay, Clarins and Kiehl’s all make excellent options.


While not a daily necessity, using an oil every now and again in your skincare routine can help to address dry skin patches. Another option is to do a facemask once a week while you play at mobile casinos in Canada. Whether it’s a store bought one, or something you have at home, like egg-whites, mashed banana, honey or avocado – all you need is 15 minutes with it on and then you can wash it off.

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