How To Be More Comfortable Showing Emotions

The phrase “boys don’t cry” is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it’s so ingrained in some of us that it’s difficult to move beyond the thought and to openly express your emotions. For too many men, expressing feelings is seen as a weakness. That fear of being open and vulnerable is what we have to let go of or risk being unable to properly connect with anyone.

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Learning How To Better Communicate In Social Groups

It can be intimidating to join a social group for the first time, whether it’s at a local coffee shop or at the mall, especially for those that find they are introverted.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple tricks that can allow just about anyone to more effectively gel with a new group while out socialising.  Continue reading

Making a Good Impression On a First Date

The first date is an important one, and sets the tone for the next date. Hopefully, if all goes well there will be a second date.  These first dates can be rather daunting, with awkward silences and those difficult few days waiting for a text or phone call.

Just asking a woman out is a big deal, and if you have done so, well done to you. Now, the next step is how to impress your date and the difficulty is that different women want different experiences from their first date.  Where do you take them is a big question, but often it is not the place, but the impression that you give, that will determine if date number two is on the cards for you. Continue reading

Date Like a Gentlemen

We live in a world where chivalry and the concept of courting are becoming as rare as snowbirds in hell. Invitations to meet take the form of late-night texts saying U up? and men bitch about paying for dinner if women want to be treated with equality and kindness.

It’s obvious we need to bring dignity back to dating. Implementing a little old-school etiquette is going to go a long way towards you getting a second date! Continue reading