Making a Good Impression On a First Date

The first date is an important one, and sets the tone for the next date. Hopefully, if all goes well there will be a second date.  These first dates can be rather daunting, with awkward silences and those difficult few days waiting for a text or phone call.

Just asking a woman out is a big deal, and if you have done so, well done to you. Now, the next step is how to impress your date and the difficulty is that different women want different experiences from their first date.  Where do you take them is a big question, but often it is not the place, but the impression that you give, that will determine if date number two is on the cards for you.

All of us are far from perfect, but here are a few tips to help you make it to date number two.

Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is the best way to impress your date, and even though women may talk about wanting a “bad boy” what they really want is a true gentleman.

You many not necessarily look like a gentleman, but you should act like one.

Appearance is Important

Your date will probably have spent a lot of time thinking about what to wear, whether or not she should wear heels or not, how she should do her hair and make-up, so she has definitely taken time to make a good impression.

You should do the same, and showing that you have made an effort will go a long way, just like it would pay off in online Blackjack.

Be a Gentleman

Always open the door for her, the door to the cab, to the restaurant and if you are picking her up, don’t just hoot outside, go up to her door and fetch her.  Maybe take her flowers or a small gesture.  Always walk on the roadside, women may not notice it, but it is worth it to make the effort.

At the restaurant help her take her coat off and when you leave help her to put it on again. These small gestures are important.  If you are not a doctor make sure your phone is off or on silent, there is nothing worse than answering a call or text while you are on your date. This will immediately show that you are not really interested.

Make sure to compliment her and let them be spontaneous and casual and do it early in the date and never use the line “you have beautiful eyes” it sounds like a line.  Rather use phrases like “you look great” when you pick her up or first see her, if you tell her how great she looks later, it may not seem sincere.

Be sure to ask her questions about herself, show a real interest in her, and women do love to talk!  Make sure you are really listening and do not just smile and nod, but really engage in the conversation.

Always offer to the pay the bill on the first date, even if is she insists she contributes.  She can pay for drinks or dinner on the second date, if she is insistent.

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