4 Must-know Social Dress Codes For Men

The phrase dress code is one that’s most commonly used when referring to some kind of formal gathering, such as a work event or a wedding. And while many work places may require that their employees maintain certain attire every day, dress codes tend to be less common when it comes to a social event in today’s age.

But dress codes still play an important part, and when invited to a social event, there will often be a dress code stipulated on the invitation. Knowing what to wear in accordance with these requests, along with what each code specifies, can help you find the right clothing to get before attending the event.

1. Formal Dress Code – White Tie

Formal attire is a phrase that is fairly misunderstood, and most people attribute it to only suits and ties. It’s actually a fair amount higher, meaning that it requires clothing that most men simply don’t own, and will need to either hire or buy before the event. Formal wear can change depending on the time of day, and for daylight hours, it’s much more common to wear a combination of vest and tailcoat.

This was often worn to events like horse racing, although it’s much more common to watch racing on betting sites today. For night, a while tie set up is expected. These are the strictest examples of dress code, and are almost always reserved for a high-formality event.

2. Semi-Formal Dress Code – Black Tie

Although the “semi-formal” part of this dress code may make it seem like it isn’t quite as strict as a formal dress code, black tie attire is still quite strict, and is also based heavily on the time of day.

A Tuxedo, for example, is meant to be worn only in the evenings, while a Stroller – which is a more relaxed alternative – is meant for daytime wearing. These two distinctions are important when laying out the attire requirements for an event.

3. Business Dress Code

Business dress code is focussed on matching suits, particularly suits that are best used in a formal work environment. These are the kinds of suits that can be found on lawyers and other professionals.

They are usually made up with a conservative tie, black Oxfords, and a white dress shirt, although this can depend on the person and their professions. Business dress codes are also often common among work events, and tend to be on the darker side, including dark blue, grey, or dark brown.

4. Business Casual

Business casual isn’t one specific suit that needs to work as one, but is rather made up of a number of variations. Most often, however, a jacket is worn, even if it isn’t part of a matching suit. The most conventional business casual consists of a blue blazer with grey slacks or khakis, which is also known as the California suit.

This is what professors, teachers, and office workers tend to wear on a daily basis, although it can sometimes apply to social or sporting events, although it can very greatly.

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