Date Like a Gentlemen

We live in a world where chivalry and the concept of courting are becoming as rare as snowbirds in hell. Invitations to meet take the form of late-night texts saying U up? and men bitch about paying for dinner if women want to be treated with equality and kindness.

It’s obvious we need to bring dignity back to dating. Implementing a little old-school etiquette is going to go a long way towards you getting a second date!

Make a Reservation

Gentlemen don’t wing it when it comes to dating, particularly in the early stages of what may become a serious relationship with a woman they’re really interested in. If you’re going to dinner, put a little thought into the evening beforehand and make sure there’s a table ready when you arrive.

Thanks to the internet, getting this done is as easy as online betting is, and who knows? Maybe as profitable in the long-term. You may meet the woman of your dreams.

Don’t Make Her Wait

If you’ve arranged to pick her up at 7 pm, be there at 7 pm. It’s not just a matter of being punctual, it’s basic manners and very indicative of the kind of man you are. It shows that you do what you say you will and that you’re someone she can trust and rely on.

Pick Her Up at Her Door

If you’re picking her up, do yourself a favour and don’t send a text saying Here or Outside and then wait, or worse still, hoot! Get out of your damn car and go up to meet her at her door.

These days there are cases where women are uncomfortable revealing their home addresses to men they don’t know, however, and you may well end up arranging to meet her somewhere. If this is the case, make sure you’re there before your agreed-upon time and stand up to greet her when she arrives.

Open Doors for Her

Every. Single. One.

Understand Who Goes First

When you’re being seated at a restaurant, allow her to go first when you follow the host or hostess to your table. When you’re walking through a more crowded space, however, you should take the lead, clearing a path for her as you go. When you’re ordering drinks or meals, the lady goes first.

Walk Closest to the Street

The purpose of this bit of chivalry largely lost these days is to shield your lady friend from the possible splash of a puddle when a carriage, in days gone by, or a car, nowadays,  passes by. It’s an effortless way to impress her.

Maintain Eye Contact

Spending the evening staring at the tablecloth is the perfect way to show whoever you’re with that you haven’t quite mustered enough self-confidence to have a grown-up conversation. As nerve-wracking as getting to know someone on a one-on-one situation is, remember that the only reason it’s happening is because she’s interested in you too.

Good eye contact is a great way to show her that you’re listening to what she says, and are paying attention when she’s talking.

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