Men’s Best Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

The climate crisis is upon us, and people are working hard to develop innovative new solutions to this pervasive issue. One of the best movements aiming to reduce your waste and make your life more eco-friendly is the zero waste movement.

With just a few simple product swaps, you could make your bathroom much kinder on the environment while still looking – and smelling – your best. Here are our top 10 zero waste bathroom swaps for men that you should consider if you are looking to go green!

#8: Hairbrushes and Combs

You might have noticed that your hairbrush or comb is made of plastic. If you already own plastic hair styling products, the best course of action is to continue using them until they break or perish. However, if you are needing a replacement, try a bamboo brush with natural bristles or a wooden bamboo comb. These tools are excellent at distributing your hair’s natural oils, and also last much longer than traditional brushes.

#7: Floss

Plastic floss? No thank you! There are plenty of eco-friendly floss alternatives out there, including silk floss packaged in glass or bamboo. Silk floss is also much gentler on your gums, helping you to avoid discomfort and bleeding.

#6: Soap

Body wash always smells great and lathers wonderfully, but all that plastic packaging is less than ideal. Instead of buying body wash in a plastic bottle or soap wrapped in plastic, go for natural washes and soaps packaged in glass, paper or cardboard. Bar soaps are much more economical, making them a favourite among the zero waste community.

#5: Toothpaste

Zero waste toothpaste is great for your oral health, and is so simple to make as well. A basic recipe includes just coconut oil, baking soda and an essential oil like peppermint or cinnamon. You can also buy toothpaste tabs that totally eliminate waste and make travelling so much easier.

#4: Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are so 2012. If you want to be kinder to Mother Earth, why not invest in a bamboo toothbrush? They can even be composted once they have worn out.

#3: Mouthwash

Mouthwash is essential before a work meeting or a first date, but traditional mouthwash almost always comes in plastic and is loaded with toxic chemicals. Instead, make one yourself using distilled water, baking soda and a few drops of essential oil. You will be surprised how long it lasts you, and it’s so quick that you’ll have plenty of time to play Australia’s best pokies too.

#2: Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner bars are the latest trend in zero waste that help to eliminate needless plastic. If you prefer traditional liquid products, you can also go for refillable aluminium bottles and the likes.

#1: Disposable Razors

Most men love the feeling of being freshly shaved. However, disposable plastic razors can put a damper on that sensation when you think about our growing landfills. Opt for a safety razor and replaceable blades and enjoy a close shave the way your grandfather and his father did!

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