Common Red Flags On First Dates

A red flag is a term used to describe an action performed by a person that could be construed as something fairly negative. It’s a common term used within the dating scene, and while out with someone for the first time, it’s important to keep an eye out for red flags, as it might give a better idea of who they are as a person.

It’s almost impossible to know everything about a person from a first meeting, so being able to pick up on certain cues that give a deeper insight into who they might be. It makes it easier to tell if a person has the potential to be aggressive, self-absorbed, or even abusive. Here we will look at some of the more common red flags to keep an eye out while on a first date.

How They Treat The Wait Staff

Going out to a restaurant is a staple of first dates – not only does it provide a comfortable place to be in public, but it gives the two people the chance to get to know each other while enjoying dinner together.

Most restaurants will have waiters and waitresses that will serve the food and seeing how a date treats these people can be extremely helpful. If they are respectful, polite, thankful, and want to leave a generous tip, it’s a good sign that the person is decent. If they are rude, impatient, and unwilling to part with a tip at all, then it’s fair to assume they aren’t the nicest person around.

They Talk About Themselves Constantly

Asking questions and getting to know the person on a personal level is the whole idea behind a first date, but it’s also important that the conversation be reciprocal, meaning that both parties get to ask questions and talk about themselves. It becomes fairly obvious when one party isn’t interested in the other, and simply wants to talk about themselves throughout the evening.

There are few things that are more off-putting than going out with a stranger and having them completely dominate the conversation, especially when it’s all about them and their life. It’s meant to be a two-way street, and if it isn’t, it’s a strong indication that the person is self-absorbed and selfish.

Subtle Nastiness

We expect that most normal people put a bit of thought into the things that they say and have a filter that stops them from blurting out any unsavoury comments during the date. But some people lack this filter, and will say anything that comes to mind, even if it’s hurtful to the other’s feelings.

This is a level of immaturity that’s usually associated with younger people, but even those that are a bit older might not have too much of an issue with saying something unnecessarily hurtful out of the blue, and it’s a good sign to get out and go home to rather spend the time at


Another red flag that can drive some people crazy is tardiness.

When a person agrees to meet at a venue at a specific time, and then only arrives half an hour or even later without a valid excuse, it’s a clear sign that they don’t respect other people’s time.

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