An Introverted Gentleman’s Guide To Improved Social Skils

Introversion is classified as the inability to comfortably socialise among other people, including both in groups and one-on-one. It can be extremely difficult for an introverted person to talk about themselves, ask questions, and fit in with others that they aren’t familiar with.

This can obviously lead to a range of various social issues, especially for those introverts that want to try and make new friends or find someone special.

Fortunately, there are a number of tricks and tips that an introvert can use to improve their social skills that are both easy to learn and implement in a social setting.

Learning To Be Comfortable

For an introvert, being in a social situation can make them physically and mentally uncomfortable, and it can be that more difficult to integrate successfully when a person is feeling uncomfortable.

This is why it’s a good idea to try and create a frame of mind that’s centred around being as comfortable as possible. Positive self-reinforcement can do wonders in this setting: constantly telling oneself that there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable, or to take the time to get into a good head space before heading out by watching a funny movie or listening to calming music.

Self-Confidence And Introversion

It’s important to take the time to understand the difference between a lack of self-confidence and true introversion. There are many people out there that aren’t actually introverted, but rather lack the confidence to comfortably initiate a conversation.

This might be based on traumas from the past or any other number of reasons, but introversion and a lack of confidence are not always the same thing.

Figuring out which is the real problem can help the sufferer put his focus on which area needs to be worked on rather than blindly working on both at the same time and making no real progress.

Understand The Factors

If introversion is indeed what the problem is, then the next step is to take the time and understand exactly which aspects of the introversion create the discomfort. For instance, many introverts have a difficult time processing the amount of background noise they’re subject to when they’re in a place like a bar or a club. Moving to a quieter environment might make a big difference to how the introvert feels.

If the problem lies in having to answer questions on the spot, then it could be worth learning how to comfortably answer questions as they come out of the blue. Focussing on what the problem is exactly is an important step to take to start fixing the problem and moving on.

Adopt A Positive Mindset

Well, it may seem somewhat cliché, a positive attitude can often make a noticeable difference to how a person handles social situations and if they want to play games at today.

Many people feel ashamed for being an introvert, for not being “normal”, but there’s nothing truly wrong with introversion, and it’s important that a person realise that it’s completely normal and start accepting who they are before any real growth can be made.

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