Classy Foods To Serve On A Dinner Date

While treating your date to a meal out at one of the fanciest restaurants in town may be wonderful, there is nothing more romantic than a home-cooked dinner date. Turn up the heat in the kitchen and provide an intimate experience that is sure to impress, as you show off your skills over the stove. However, mac and cheese and some burgers on the barbeque isn’t going to cut it this time. If you are planning to woo with a dinner date at home, then you need to look at some classy recipes.

Here are some options that your date will love, but that are also easy to make:

Seafood Risotto

Nothing oozes class quite like seafood. Pair your favourite seafood with a risotto and a class of great wine, and your date will be whisked off to Italy in an instant. Scallops and crab make a great combination for a seafood risotto, just be sure to add in a hint of red chilli and lemon for flavour. Cook your risotto very slowly, trying not to rush this delicate dish, and add a healthy helping of parmesan at the end. Just be sure to check that your date doesn’t have any seafood allergies before attempting this dish.

Roast Beef

While whipping up a simple steak and chips might be good enough for a Friday night with friends, your date will be craving something a little bit more. A slow roast beef tenderloin will show you took the time and effort into crafting something special for your date. Serve up with delicious roast potatoes, honey glazed carrots and creamed spinach, for a meal that not only looks and taste good but will also make your date feel right at home.

Almond-crusted Fish

A nut crusted fish dish looks fancy but only requires a few simple ingredients to put together. Make a creamy mash and some steamed broccolini or asparagus for serving on the side. You can also pre-prepare the fish before your date arrives, taking extra care to ensure all skin and scales are removed and that there are no bones in the fish.

As soon as your date gets to your home, pour her a glass of wine and demonstrate your skills in the kitchen as you quickly fry off the fish while she relaxes. Only recommended for the most confident of cooks!

Poke Bowl

This raw fish dish is like deconstructed sushi and is super simple to make. The good news is that it can be served cold so you can prepare the entire meal before your date arrives and don’t have to worry about things going wrong in the kitchen while trying to get to know her. Fresh and delicious, poke bowls are ideal for health-conscious individuals or an alfresco date night as you enjoy the summer sun.

The poke bowl is also perfect for when playing games and includes rice, a selection of vegetables and nuts, raw fish, and a delicious sauce. The rice serves as the base, with traditional sushi rice or coconut rice being a good choice. Next comes the fish, with most poke bowls using salmon or tuna. Edamame beans, pineapple, cucumber and wasabi peas, are great veggie additions and finally a good dose of soy sauce will tie it all together!

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