Gentleman’s Guide To Beards

Beards have long been a status of manhood, a true symbol of being a man’s man. While they can also add to the appearance, there is so much more to these hairy facial features than meets the eye. We will be taking a look at a few interesting beard facts to brush up on your knowledge, to help you decide to take the plunge and finally grow a beard

10 things you did not know about beards

1. Doctor’s orders

During the Victorian era, beards were often prescribed to prevent disease and illness. The reason? Beards were believed to be able to act as a filter and trap germs before they have the chance to enter the mouth.

2. They are not battle friendly

To prevent his army from being grabbed by their beards and defeated, Alexander the Great demand that his army shave off their facial hair before the battle.

3. It is a status indicator

Studies by Behavioural Ecology have found that beards influence the way in which people are perceived. According to the study, women view men with beards as having a higher social status.

4. Jellyfish-proof

If for some reason you decide to take a swim in jellyfish infested waters, try to grow a beard beforehand to protect your face from potential stings. This was actually done by the first Sean Conway when he ran, cycled and swam the length of Great Britain.

5. Who needs sunscreen?

Beards offer your face a lot of protection, especially while you are out in the sun. We do still recommend using sunscreen while you are out and about, however, if you happen to forget, your beard will have you covered – literally.

6. If you are determined, you can break records

Currently, the world record for the longest beard is 17 feet, 6-inches, or just over five metres. This beard belonged to Hans Langseth who recorded this impressive length in 1927.

7. There is a beard obsessed band

There is an Australian band called The Beards and they have released 40 songs about beards.

8. It can be a terrifying experience

Pogonophobia is the irrational fear of beards. People suffering from this disorder often experience terror at the sight of a beard.

9. Testicle hair can work in a pinch

While filming Hercules, the Rock wore a beard that was made of yak testicle hair. He spent three hours a day having his testicle beard applied, now that’s commitment.

10 .It is not just for men

There is a world record for the female with the longest beard. In 2015, Harnaam Kaur had managed to grow a 30-centimetre beard.

It is more than just facial hair, it is a statement, just like when you find the best betting odds. It is about having the guts to push boundaries and explore aspects of yourself that you never had before. They also have some interesting stories worth sharing around the water cooler.

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