Breaking Up Without Hurting Feelings

When it comes time to part way with a partner, for whatever reason, it is never an easy situation. There is enormous potential to have hurt feelings, and even, the worst case scenario, you might have a total disaster on your hands.

Of course, no one is ever aiming to hurt someone’s feelings as a priority. On the other hand, navigating the situation can also be nothing short of a confusing nightmare. How do you go about breaking up with some in the best way possible, as a gentleman? There are a few things to keep in mind, and a few key points to follow.

If you go by these tips, you can leave with head held high, knowing that you have done everything the best you possibly could.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush

First and foremost; if you feel that a relationship isn’t working, and you have made up your mind that it is time to end it; don’t beat around the bush. Dragging out a relationship you are not happy in isn’t doing anyone any favours. It will likely only serve to make the breakup worse when it finally does happen, given that you will both likely be disgruntled.

If you make up your mind, do it as soon as is conveniently possible.

Direct Communication

The most important part of any breakup is clear and concise communication. The person deserves your honest feelings on the situation, and they likewise deserve to understand why you came to the decision. Plainly explain why you decided to break up, in no uncertain terms.

Of course, just because you are clear about your reasons, it doesn’t mean you have to be heartless and lack tact. We are not suggesting you break up, leave immediately, and head home for a bit of casual online blackjack for real money, while they’re still sitting at the table in tears. Tact and honest are not mutually exclusive.

Speak And Listen

Being direct also doesn’t mean you have to be closed to mutual communication. If you are being honest, you owe it to that person to listen to what they have to say. Allow them to speak and share their own feelings. Breakups work best when they are a two way agreement between the dealer and player at

If you feel that they are hell bent on keeping the relationship going, while you have decided it should come to an end, explain to them why you feel the way to do. It is rare that a person isn’t willing to accept your thoughts and feelings, or won’t be rational about the situation.

In case Of Disaster

If you are following the above tips, it is rare that a breakup will end in some kind of emotion fuelled disaster. But if it does, you’ll find it best to deal with such things in private. There is a cliché that says you should break up in public, to avoid a scene. But any rational person would see that this is a manipulative move at best.

Allow that person the freedom to be emotional in private, for both your sake and dignity.

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