The Best Razors For Modern Men

Shaving your beard often means having the right kind of shaver or razor available, depending on preference. For those that want to start their day with a smooth face, these are the different types of razors and how they work.

1. Safety Razor

One of the most common razor types is the double-edged safety razor. The blade is positioned in a protected angle to expose its extremely sharp edge and designed to prevent cuts on the face, both big and small. These kinds of razors are user-friendly, making them good for beginners, but also favoured by seasoned shavers. Maybe the safety razor’s only disadvantage is the “safety” part, i.e. the fact that the blade is locked at such an acute angle. It makes it more difficult to shave correctly around the angular parts of the face, such as on the jawline.

2. Cartridge Razor

The cartridge razor is another type of razor commonly used by those that shave on a frequent basis. The cartridges used in this type of razor are purchased separately from the casing itself. The quality of cartridge razors may vary greatly, but the best ones will give you a close shave without lots of nicks and cuts. They also tend to be quick to use, meaning that it’s possible to get in a quick, 5 minute shave without having to miss the chance to play bingo games in Australia.

3. Straight Razors

The original razor, and ancestor of all modern razors, is the straight razor. A straight razor is a centuries-old vintage device, which remains one of today’s most popular methods of shaving facial hair.  Nevertheless, not many people use them, and ensuring that a straight razor doesn’t cause any damage to the face can take some time to truly master. It’s often used by professional barbers that have had several years of training in order to use this razor competently.

4. Disposable Razors

A real “disposable” razor is one where blade and handle are all one piece and are thrown away if the blades become dull. You buy a bagful, and they usually don’t cost much. It’s a cheap, convenient way to shave — and great for travelling — but you get what you’re paying for.

How To Choose A Razor

  • Routine: If you’re like most of us, and shave in the morning, consider your routine carefully before buying a razor. You’re not hurried? A cartridge razor gets the job done quickly, while a safety or straight razor needs more time and concentration.
  • Sensitivity: If your skin is easily irritated, a safety razor is often a better bet than a multi-blade cartridge razor, as multiple blades can remove excessive skin. Modern cartridge razors with built-in lubricating strips are more relaxing.
  • The Handle: A razor’s handle may be an afterthought for some, but keep in mind that the finest razors have smooth, textured handles to maintain grip.
  • The Overall Price: Despite the many expensive, quality razors out there, razor costs can vary greatly. Yet while many of the better razors are pricey, they’re made to last, and they’re a long-term investment.
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