Let’s Bring Chivalry Back from the Dead

If you think that chivalrous behaviour only applies when you are looking for a partner or stand to benefit from it sexually, then you are part of the problem! Being a gentleman, and chivalry is a huge part of being a gentleman, isn’t something that gets turned off and on when it suits you. It’s a way of life.

Dinner Etiquette

Their glass is empty? Fill it up. Someone has started clearing the table but they are still busy eating? Tell them to stop. Your food has arrived, but theirs hasn’t? Wait until theirs does before you begin eating. Simple manners at the dinner table are possible whether you are at home or in an exclusive restaurant thanks to a big win from online gaming hobby. And don’t forget to pick up the tab.

Hangout Intention-lessly

Nowadays hanging out has become synonymous with having sex. Turn that around! Sometimes it is nice to just spend time with someone, maybe watch a movie together, or talk about what is going on in each of your lives. Taking the sexual pressure off of a situation could do your relationship, or budding relationship, the world of good, and there’s a lot to be said for getting to know someone better.

Open the Door, Dammit

And give up your seat, your jacket, and umbrella while you’re at it! The devil’s in the details, so be the man who offers a friend his jacket when it’s cold, holds out his umbrella when it’s raining, and offers up his seat when the situation calls for it.

Remember Something Important

Your sister finally got the job interview she’s been longing for, someone you like has a big work meeting, or your friend has been studying for an exam? Send a text, or, better yet, give them a call. Showing that you care about things important to the people you care about ticks all the right boxes.

Send Goodmorning and Goodnight Texts

This may seem like something you only do when you want to hook up, but it works in a variety of situations. It shows a new person that you like them and are thinking about them, sure, but it sends the same message to your siblings, a friend going through a rough time, or your parents. Just don’t be excessive about it. Besides being creepy, it also loses its specialness if it becomes habitual.

Send Some Flowers

It’s hard to overstate the value of getting a bouquet in the middle of an ordinary day. Whether it’s for your mom, a friend, a lover, or someone you hope to become more intimate with, this simple gesture never fails to impress.

Switch Your Phone Off

Whether you’re out for drinks, sitting at a café  together, or still en-route to your destination, turn your phone off. Giving someone your undivided attention may just serve to remind you that there really is life away from social networks, work emails, and instant messaging.

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