Summer’s Most Delicious Food Trends for 2019

For most gentlemen, food and drink is at the centre of almost everything. Whether you’re celebrating a promotion or birthday, meeting up with friends or family, or you’re simply looking for a way to impress a date, food and drink is always the simplest (and most deliciously satisfying) answer of all.

With this in mind, if you consider yourself a ‘foodie’, it’s a good idea to become familiar with 2019’s top food trends for summer.

Bigger and Better Meat-Free Options

Whether it’s for health or moral reasons, more and more people are going meat-free and the food world has taken note. In 2019 you can expect to see more options for vegetarians and vegans on menus, in the supermarket, and even more restaurants dedicated solely to meat-free fine dining and take-aways.

The prestigious Gauthier Soho in London now offers a vegan tasting menu created by Michelin-starred French chef (and vegan) Alexis Gauthier and the restaurant intends to go completely vegan by 2020.

Sri Lankan Cuisine

According to the foods editor of retail magazine The Grocer, Emma Weinbren, “before, Sri Lankan was lumped in with Indian cuisine but now, we’re not having ‘Indian’ anymore. It’s recognised in its own right”.

Much of the popularity of Sri Lankan cuisine can in part be attributed to Hoppers in London and The Coconut Tree mini-chain which has brought Sri Lankan cuisine to the brink of a breakthrough – similar in fact to online blackjack Canada breakthrough seen in recent years. Expect to see bowl-shaped rice flour pancakes known as hoppers, kottu roti (shredded roti, curry, eggs, and fried vegetables) and pol sambol coconut relish.

Hidden Health

As the shift towards healthier eating continues to increase on a global scale, more retailers and restaurants are offering to help consumers cut down on carbohydrates and sugars and increase their intake of vegetables.

While your first thought was probably a tasteless salad as the answer, instead expect to see puddings which use vegetables to help reduce the sugar content and pizza bases made from vegetables so you can indulge without all that guilt.

Gin is Out, Rum is In

While 2018 was certainly the year of artisanal gin, 2019 has brought with it rum from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for small-batch craft rums, barrel-aged, traditional Caribbean rum, or even British rum, you won’t find it difficult to get your hands on something suitable this year.

With white and dark options, you can enjoy rum over ice or even mix it with your favourite soda, making it one of the most accessible spirits of all.

Food Halls and Markets

Going to a single restaurant means being limited to what is available on the menu, but you’ll never have that problem when dining at a food hall or market. Designed as a way for multiple kitchens to operate from a single venue, food halls and markets are becoming increasingly popular the world over.

This summer, take a group of friends and enjoy the highly social experience of eating at a food hall.

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