How To Keep Hair Healthy

Healthy hair

Over the years, there have been certain conventions that have become associated with the two most common genders, males and females.

When it comes to hair, women are generally taught from a young age how to look after their hair, including how to properly clean it, how to keep it shiny and neat, and more. Men, on the other hand, tend to only shampoo and condition their hair and not much more, and every now and again they will go get a haircut.

But good hair maintenance should be a part of every man’s general hygiene, and they should try and keep their hair as healthy as possible. Here we will look at some easy methods a man can use to keep his hair healthy, clean, and attractive.

1. Lukewarm Showers

There’s nothing better than getting under a hot shower at the end of a long day, but it might be worth noting that very hot water can actually cause damage to hair, often making it become dry and brittle as all of the natural oils are washed away.

It doesn’t mean that hot showers need to go out of the window, but rather that hair shouldn’t be washed when the water is too hot. When it comes time to washing hair, lukewarm showers are the best choice. Water that is too cold can constrict blood flow, but medium-warm water is just right.

2. Don’t Wash Too Often

A lot of men like to wash their hair every time they take a shower, but not only is this expensive to maintain, but it’s actually bad for the overall health of your hair.

Most experts recommend washing hair around every three days; this allows natural oils to build up and provide protection to the hair, but it will also disallow hair from getting too dirty. It’s usually best to just leave hair alone for most of the week, and then wash it every three days.

3. Towel Off Gently

Another commonality among men is to start drying their hair off fairly aggressively once their shower has come to an end, but this again can cause damage to the hair from all of the friction, which is only exacerbated when the hair is wet. It’s a much better idea to instead to dry your hair much more slowly, taking care to be gentle and to move the towel in the natural direction of the towel.

For those men that have short hair that dries quickly, it’s almost always better to forgo the towel completely and allow the hair to dry naturally, which also gives you time to check out the latest online casino in Canada.

4. Don’t Blow Dry

Blow drying is commonly used by those with long hair to get their hair drier at a faster rate, but the excessive heat is not good for the health of the hair and can lead to long-term damage. Again, it’s generally best to skip using this altogether and just allow the hair to instead air dry.

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