How To Transition Your Work Wear Into The Evening

Traditionally, men’s wear has been quite staid with not a lot of variety being offered. For corporate wear, the only real choice that a man has with the colour of his shoes, suit, and tie. Men have a bit more choice when it comes to casual wear however, unfortunately, many do not are inventive with what they wear on the weekends and in the evenings as they are not used to experimenting with outfits as women are.

We can help!

In this article, we will show you how you can transition your workwear into the evening so that you will be sure to impress your date with how you look.

Just Add A Jacket

If you work in a casual environment which allows you to come to work in jeans, for an evening look add a jacket. This will add a bit of class to what you are wearing but it will not take you hours and hours to create the look.

Always remember to choose a jacket that comes in just below your hips and pull a bit of your shirt cuff out of the sleeve of the jacket when you have it on. Do not put your shirt collar over your jacket collar – rather position your shirt collar just inside the one of the jacket.

Ditch The Formal Shoes

If you work in an environment that requires you to wear a tie and three-piece suit, the first thing that you should take off are your formal shoes. Replace them with a casual sneaker – not one that you would wear at the gym as this will not go with the look at all. Soviet makes a great shoe called the Viper. It is casual but, as the same time, well styled.

Swop Formal Pants For Jeans

Another amazingly simple way of transitioning your corporate look into the evening is by replacing your formal suit pants with a great pair of jeans. Do not be afraid to spend money on your jeans – they are a staple of a man’s wardrobe so you will be wearing them more often than not. Make sure that they fit well because the last thing that you want is for your jeans to be accentuating areas of your body that you would rather have hidden.

To Tie Or Not To Tie? That Is The Question

If you usually wear a tie to work then you may want to consider taking it off and keeping your suit on when you go out. Alternatively, if your work in a more casual environment what could look quite funky if you put a tie on against a button-up shirt but instead of buttoning up the shirt to the very top, and tightening the tie to meet the button, leave the first button undone and loosen the tie a bit.

Although traditional men’s wear has been quite unimaginative, it is great to see men experimenting with what they are wear and trying out new looks. At the moment, there’s limited choice out there but as designers come on board and break barriers, we are sure that this will change.

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