How To Look After Your New Suit

While they’re certainly not for everyone, there are many men out there that dream of one day having a quality suit in their wardrobe. Suits are extremely useful, whether it’s to remain formal during work hours, to attend some kind of celebration, or just for looking good when you feel like it.

A quality suit is something of an investment, especially if it’s one that you’ve had tailored to your body, and it’s why looking after the suit is generally a good idea. Here we will look at some easy tips and tricks that you can use to always make sure your suit is in good condition.

1. Garment Bags & Space

One of the best ways to ensure the integrity and longevity of your suit is to give it plenty of breathing room when it’s stored in a closet or cupboard. The suit will need ample space in order to drape properly, and it’s extremely easy for a suit to become wrinkled if it’s packed too tightly with other clothing.

Along with this, a suit that’s too close to other clothing means there will not be enough air circulating within the space, allowing humidity to build up and potentially damaging the fibres of the material. Garment bags are a must, especially if the suit in question was expensive – they can protect the material from insects and dust.

2. The Right Coat Hangers

Most people think that a coat hanger is a coat hanger, and that buying more expensive ones doesn’t make that much of a difference. The truth is, however, that a more expensive suit jacket will need a wider, quality coat hanger that allows it to properly support the shoulders.

These kinds of coat hangers are both thick and wide, offering plenty of support to prevent the jacket from wrinkling or becoming damaged, and to ensure that it retains its proper fit. And while wood seems like a good choice, they aren’t any better than high quality plastic hangers, except if the wood in question is made from cedar.

3. Cedar Shavings

Cedar is great to keep in a cupboard in order to protect a suit. Not only is it great for absorbing excess moisture and keeping everything dry, but the shavings can act as a natural pest repellent, keeping out moths that would otherwise destroy a quality suit.

On top of that, the cedar will slowly give the fabric a pleasant and natural smell the longer the suit sits with it. It’s worth remembering that cedar alone won’t help if there is a moth problem present, rather just acts as a repellent to stop them laying eggs and becoming a problem, and helping to save money for more suits, accessories, or a few more rounds play real money pokies in Australia.

4. Horsehair Brush

After the end of a long day, one way to keep a suit clean is by giving it a gentle brush with a horsehair brush.

The hair is soft enough that it will not damage the textile fibres, but robust enough that it will easily remove any grime and dust that has accumulated throughout the day. Always try and aim for a quality horsehair brush wherever possible.

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