6 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

As a man, there are plenty of great style options out there for you. There are classic looks (think James Dean), effortless looks like that of Ryan Gosling, and more contemporary approaches as well.

However, making them your own can be tricky, which is why we are here to help. Here are our top style tips for men to get you started!

#1: Hone Your Skills

Dressing well is a skill that can be learned over time, just like wagering at mobilebetting.net.nz/sports/. Check out the many style guides for men available online, pick up tips from your classy friends, and watch YouTube videos on how to dress well. As with all skills, the more you practice and learn, the better you will become. Not everybody is born with an innate sense of style either, so don’t feel bad if you have to learn how to stay stylish through experimentation!

#2: Choose a Style You Like

Choosing a style that suits you will allow you to develop an eye for putting together outfits. Take a look at the way celebrities or other respected icons dress and start to gather ideas. You can piece together your own unique sense of style from these ideas, or go for a timeless and classic way of dressing. Musicians, athletes and actors are all great style icons to look to for inspiration.

#3: Choose Garments that Fit

Even wearing a simple shirt and jeans can look effortless and manicured, and it doesn’t have to be Ryan Gosling wearing them! It all comes down to how your clothes fit you. Garments that don’t fit properly are usually not flattering, and experts say that choosing things that fit correctly will solve nearly all of your style concerns.

Clothes that are too large can make you look larger and shorter than you are, and clothes that are too small can have a similar effect. Look up a fitting cheat sheet to figure out how your clothes should really be fitting you.

#4: Go From Classic to Personal

Experts recommend that you start with a classic style before individualising it to your own tastes. This allows you to understand the basics of what makes a look work, and it is also much easier to find guides on how to pull it off effortlessly. As you learn, you can then start adding in some unique elements to make it your own.

#5: Avoid Logos, Graphics and Prints

If you want a style that will make people respect you and take you seriously, it’s better to avoid garments with wild prints, graphics and logos on them. These are better suited to younger guys in college or high school. Solid colours make you look more mature and well groomed, even if you are only wearing a pair of chinos and a shirt.

#6: Wear Neutral, Solid Colours

Every stylish man’s wardrobe should be based largely on neutral colours. These are colours that are not overwhelming or loud; think red, orange and neon green. Choosing a neutral wardrobe will allow you to mix and match your clothes more easily, and these colours are more serviceable as well.

Choose options in black, white, navy, brown, khaki, olive and grey for best effects. If you still want a splash of colour in there to liven up your look, add a bright tie or funky socks to your outfit to stay cool but classy.


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